Our Words Are Our Weapons

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We often speak as though the source of so many of our problems is complex and even mysterious. I'm not sure it is. You can blame it all on greed: the refusal to do anything about climate change, the attempts by the .01% to destroy our democracy, the constant robbing of the poor, the resultant starving children, the war against most of what is beautiful on this Earth.

Putin Bags Chinese Peace Prize


The competition included Bill Gates, Angela Merkel and Kofi Annan, among others, but this week a little-known organization called the China International Peace Research Center named Russia's bombastic Prime Minister (more).


China wants to raise the number of foreigners studying Mandarin to 100 million by 2010 | story
So-called Confucius Institutes are popping up all over the world to teach the languagenytimescom/2006/01/11/international/asia/11chinahtml" title="story">story.

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