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Obama Will Demand a BP Escrow Fund for Victims

Jun 13, 2010
President Barack Obama finally might be digging in his executive heels over the Gulf oil blowout. The White House has announced the president will address the nation Tuesday night about the spill and is expected to outline a plan that would force BP to create a multibillion-dollar escrow account to compensate those affected.

Cry Me a River

Apr 5, 2010
Let us stop to collectively mourn a new figure from The New York Times: Chief executives in the United States' largest publicly traded companies found that their compensation dropped 15 percent in 2009, hitting bourgeois rock bottom at a measly $9.53 million yearly average.

Israel to Pay U.N. for Gaza Incident

Jan 7, 2010
The Israeli government, according to The Wall Street Journal, has agreed to pay about $105 million to compensate the United Nations for an incident that resulted in the killing of a UN driver and the destruction of two U schools and a World Food Program warehouse during Israel's attack on Gaza in 2009.

Bush Endorses Palestinian State

Jan 11, 2008
President Bush, commenting Thursday in Jerusalem, spoke out in favor of the creation of an independent Palestinian state. He followed that strong suggestion with another: financial compensation for Palestinian refugees forced to leave their homes in areas that are now part of Israel.

Supersized Paychecks for Oil Execs in 2005

Aug 30, 2006
CEOs of the largest 15 oil companies averaged $32.7 million in compensation in 2005. This sum is more than twice the amount paid out to CEOs at other "large U.S. firms." More on the study released by the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy here. Oink, oink! (via huffpo)

Exxon Paid Its Ex-Chairman $686 million

Apr 15, 2006
As gas prices soar across the nation, Exxon's board paid its recently-retired chairman, Lee R. Raymond, over $686 million since 1993--with $400 million of that coming in his final year with the company. A compensation payout like that got N.Y. Stock Exchange Chairman Richard Grasso sued.