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Democracy: Made in China

Dec 15, 2010
China is experimenting with representative democracy. Cynics say "don't hold your breath," but they fail to consider a new generation of Chinese citizens and leaders who are developing different sensibilities than their forebears.China is experimenting with representative democracy as a new generation develops different sensibilities than its forebears.

China Warns Obama Against Meeting With Dalai Lama

Feb 3, 2010
The Chinese government has issued a warning to the White House that there will be consequences of a diplomatic nature if President Barack Obama goes ahead with a rumored plan to meet the Dalai Lama in Washington later this month A representative from the Chinese Communist Party hinted vaguely at undesirable outcomes (continued).
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Castro Issues Critique of U.S. Economic Policy

Aug 14, 2009
Just in time for his 83rd birthday, former Cuban President Fidel Castro made his presence known once again, by signaling his displeasure with the United States' handling of the recent financial catastrophe. He spoke out in an Op-Ed article published Thursday in Cuba's government-run newspapers.