charles rangel

Congress Convicts Rangel

Nov 17, 2010
Rep. Charlie Rangel may as well have stuck around for the full hearing. An ethics subcommittee convicted the veteran lawmaker Tuesday of 11 counts of naughty, having to do with fundraising, cheap rent and taxes. Rangel's colleagues could decide to give him the boot, but he's likelier to get off with just a reprimand.
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Another Prominent Democrat Faces Ethics Charges

Aug 3, 2010
Rep. Maxine Waters, a stalwart progressive voice in the House for nearly 20 years, is defending herself against charges that she improperly intervened to help bail out a bank with ties to her husband. Waters released a statement denying any wrongdoing, saying she was merely working on behalf of minority banks.

Sandy Levin Tapped to Replace Rangel as Ways and Means Chair

Mar 5, 2010
Following Rep Charles Rangel's announcement Wednesday that he'd no longer head up the House Ways and Means Committee, naturally the nation awaited the revelation of his successor with bated breath or not But either way, Rep Sander Levin has been picked to take over Levin's a Democrat from Michigan, and as The Christian Science Monitor notes (continued).