casino capitalism

The Mad Violence of Casino Capitalism

Feb 25, 2016
As economist Michael Yates points out throughout his new book, "The Great Inequality," capitalism is devoid of any sense of social responsibility and is driven by an unchecked desire to accumulate at all costs.
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Henry Giroux on the Rise of Neoliberalism

Oct 23, 2014
We're talking about an ideology marked by the selling off of public goods to private interests; the attack on social provisions; the rise of the corporate state; the celebration of profit-making as the essence of democracy; and with the utterly reductionist notion that consumption is the only applicable form of citizenship.

Beyond the Spectacle of Neoliberal Violence in the Age of Terrorism

Aug 29, 2014
When our inner worlds work under the death-haunted dictates of casino capitalism, the Apocalypse is embraced as if it functioned exclusively as a form of entertainment, rather than providing a warning about the rise of militarism, the killing of civilians, and religious and political fundamentalisms.

Cultures of Violence in the Age of Casino Capitalism

Dec 19, 2013
As the visibility of extreme violence is endlessly reproduced in various cultural apparatuses and screen cultures, it functions increasingly, alongside a range of other economic and political forces, to legitimate a culture of cruelty and disposability in everyday life.

A Repo Implosion

Oct 13, 2013
Obama is determined to prevail in his battle with GOP leaders over the debt ceiling, but not for the reasons stated in the media.