Senate Votes to Keep Detention Clauses in Military Bill


Pointing to the threat of terrorist groups like al-Qaida, Sen. Carl Levin and 60 of his colleagues voted Wednesday in favor of keeping provisions in the proposed National Defense Authorization Act that would grant the military the ability to detain terrorist suspects abroad and at home under controversial circumstances.


Tucked into the National Defense Authorization Act, a Pentagon spending bill set to go before the Senate for a vote this week, is a truly scary provision that would give the military the ability to lock up terrorism suspects, or those so considered by the military, without trying or charging them. Americans included.

'God, What a Piece of Crap'
Robert Scheer

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It was the Perry Mason moment in the unraveling of what was left of Goldman Sachs’ reputation Only in this case, it involved a grizzled former prosecutor, Sen Carl Levin, rather than a genial defense attorney .

Senators Grill Goldman Execs About Their 'Shitty Deal'


Tuesday was not a fun day to be a top executive at Goldman Sachs Sen Carl Levin and his posse from the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations made sure of that during a lengthy interrogation session, which included quite a zinger (continued) .

What Does Blackwater Have to Do?


The company formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide has been mired in scandal ever since its guards massacred some Iraqi civilians, but the government work keeps coming. Sen. Carl Levin has asked the Pentagon to think carefully about awarding a $1 billion contract to the company now known as Xe.

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