brain drain
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‘Rural Brain Drain’ Turns Small Towns Into Ghost Towns

Sep 22, 2009
For those die-hard bicoastal types who view much of America's heartland as flyover territory, the phenomenon of "rural brain drain," as The Chronicle of Higher Education calls the ongoing migration of younger generations from the country's small towns, probably doesn't seem terribly troubling -- but the Chronicle makes the case for why this mass exodus may constitute a national crisis.

In Iraq, It Keeps Getting Worse and Worse

Jan 23, 2006
The rebuilding of Iraq was hobbled and mismanaged from the get-go, according to an official history of the program leaked to the New York Times | story The Kurds, in exchange for a quasi-autonomous secular state of their own, will allow Shiite theocracy to dominate the rest of the country Hardly the neocon fantasy of a secular, united and American-friendly Iraqlatimescom/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-alliance22jan22,0,6427404story?coll=la-home-world" title="story">storyMeanwhile, a mass exodus of Iraq's professional, educated class is resulting in a brain drain, just when the country needs its thinkers mostwashingtonpostcom/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/01/22/AR2006012201112html" title="story">storyAlso, an influential cleric who has led uprisings against the US says that his militia would defend Iran if it was attacked | story.