blood pressure

Chocolate: Good for the Heart?

Mar 30, 2010
The good news for chocolate aficionados is that a new study out of Germany, featuring a generous sample size of more than 19,000 people, suggests that there may be a link between chocolate consumption and lower blood pressure (continued) .
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High Blood Pressure Linked to Dementia

Jan 26, 2010
Before we scare you, keep in mind that if everyone in America who experienced high blood pressure -- that's about a third of us -- got dementia, you would know about it However, new research suggests that the relationship between hypertension and dementia is more pronounced and alarming than doctors previously understood (continued).

Genes Under Pressure

Dec 30, 2008
While heart disease remains the No. 1 killer of people in the U.S., researchers have found that we can help explain a large part of these cases through one's genetic makeup. In fact, one in five white people are believed to have the "blood pressure gene," where the genetic variance that controls salt in the kidneys changes to affect individuals' blood pressure.