Red Alert as Arctic Snows Melt Faster

Jul 4, 2016
Microscopic forms of colored algae are suspected of helping to speed up the melting rate of snow by reducing its crucial ability to reflect the sun’s rays.

Seeds of Doubt Over Iron Boost for Algae

Jan 28, 2016
New research suggests that fertilizing oceans with iron to increase the growth of algae that absorb carbon dioxide is not the hoped-for answer to reducing global warming.
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U.S. Team Makes Oil From Algae — Fast

Dec 23, 2013
Although it's still a long way from commercial viability, a U.S. team has produced oil from algae in less than an hour, in contrast with the millions of years the natural process needs.

Plan to Salt the Oceans Gets Thumbs Down

Jan 22, 2013
One proposed method of counteracting greenhouse gas emissions -- fertilizing the oceans with algae-nurturing iron -- would be hugely expensive, requiring a new industry to match the size of the global coal-mining sector, a study says.