Jul 8, 2011
The mustache that I was looking for on a full-grown woman was the mustache that an 11-year-old boy discovers on himself, with his face four inches away from the bathroom mirror, that all of a sudden makes his whole existence seem just on the brink of becoming worthwhile.She looked Mediterranean or something, and I wanted to get close enough to see if she had a mustache.

Russian Vodka Prices Soar

Jan 2, 2010
At a time of the year when alcohol consumption is traditionally up in Russia, a campaign against alcoholism launched recently by President Dmitry Medvedev will substantially raise the price of vodka. The cost of the cheapest half liter will increase to at least 89 rubles (about $3) from about 50 rubles.

GOP Rep. King Compares Latinos to Drunks

Jul 17, 2006
The anti-immigration congressman made a speech before Congress in May that blasted the idea of providing interpreters for Spanish speakers at polling stations, saying the practice would "coddle" Hispanics, "just like an enabler for an alcoholic, hand them a bottle of booze so they do not cure themselves" This is the same guy who recently proposed erecting an electrified fence along the US-Mexico border, and compared Latinos to livestock .
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George Bush, Alcoholic – Part 5

Jul 1, 2006
Yahoo! health columnist Patrick Moore wraps up his five-part series on George Bush's untreated alcoholism with a zinger: "President Bush cannot be of service to his country until he looks inward and surrenders to the fact that he is an alcoholic, with all the challenges the disease of alcoholism carries with it."

George Bush, the Alcoholic (Pt. 4)

Jun 29, 2006
Yahoo! health columnist Patrick Moore continues his five-part series on what he terms President Bush's "untreated alcoholism." Today's update: "Mr. Bush lives by the creed, 'Stay the Course!' But that course is disastrous on everything from the environment to health care to education to national security. He is like a drunk who insists on driving even as the passengers in the car scream, 'Stop! For God's sake, stop!' "

George Bush, the Alcoholic (Pt. 3)

Jun 28, 2006
Yahoo!'s health columnist continues his series about the dangers of Bush's "dry drunk" syndrome. "Like most alcoholics, the president is a frequent liar, but he is not a particularly good one. He has surrounded himself with advisors who embrace the strategy that if one repeats a lie over and over with complete conviction that it becomes true."

George Bush, the Alcoholic: Pt. 1

Jun 26, 2006
A health columnist/blogger for Yahoo! kicks off a five-part series on how, in his opinion, Bush's untreated alcoholism is hurting the country. "Our country is like the family of an alcoholic, devastated by the drinker's actions but powerless to stop them."