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Memo to Pundits and Pols: No More Holocaust Comparisons

Jul 6, 2006
That's the advice of a Washington Post reporter, who says that no one should ever compare anything to the Nazis, Hitler or the Holocaust Even if you're talking, as Sen Dick Durbin recently was, about the prisoner mistreatment scandal at Gitmo, it will always backfire Other examples: FreeRepubliccom and Accuracy in Media pull the "Anne Frank card" on the NY Times CNN Host Glenn Beck uses a Holocaust comparison for the N Times, too .

Will Racism Bring Violence to World Cup?

Jun 4, 2006
Soccer fans mocked with monkey noises and spit on Nigerian forward Adebowale Ogungbure as he left a soccer field in Germany in late March. It sounds like a story from another decade, but this type of violent racism might just destroy this year's World Cup. The NYT offers a must-read piece about the recent surge in racist sentiment among European soccer fans.
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