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Senate Dems Block Arctic Refuge Drilling

Dec 21, 2005
The threat of a filibuster holds up as Republicans fail to get enough votes to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling Sen Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) tried to force the measure through Congress as part of a must-have defense spending bill See our coverage to find out what was at stake: Rep Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) filed a report after the House passed the measure earlier this week See the related story by Robert Collier and the photo essay by Deddeda Stemler to learn more.

Iran’s Victory in Iraq

Dec 21, 2005
For the Bush White House, the good news from Iraq just never stops. But the joy that President Bush has expressed over the country's latest election, though more restrained than his infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech, will similarly come back to haunt him.

Lives in the Balance

Dec 19, 2005
The Gwich'in people's way of life is at stake whenever oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is proposed. Award-winning photographer Deddeda Stemler chronicles their existence on the banks of the Porcupine River in the Yukon Territory.