Alito Leaves Door Open to Reversing ‘Roe’

Jan 12, 2006
The nominee signals he might revisit the abortion ruling. | storyIn an editorial, the New York Times says that Alito has "given the American people reasons to be worried." | editorialAlso, in a heated exchange, Ted Kennedy spars with Arlen Specter over Alito's membership in a discriminatory Princeton club. | video
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NSA Launches Internal Probe Into Spy Program

Jan 11, 2006
Members of Congress question whether the agency can investigate itself | story Meanwhile, a dream team of 14 legal scholars and ex-gov't officials write a memo to the DOJ calling the NSA program illegalhuffingtonpostcom/geoffrey-r-stone/why-the-nsa-surveillance-_b_13522html" title="story">story.