By 2014, the Obama administration will have deported more people than were expelled from 1892 to 1997; a majority of Californians believe that increasing the number of guidance counselors in schools would be more beneficial for safety than adding armed police officers; and while some see the fall of print journalism as a tragedy, others see it as an opportunity. These discoveries and more below.

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Obama on Track to Deport a Record 2 Million People by 2014 At current rates, deportations enforced under the Obama presidency are set to hit 2 million by 2014 according to a new report [3] from the University of California-Merced.

Spain is in the Hands of Thieves No doubt. Spain is in the hands of thieves. The Barcenas, Pallerols, Crespo, Nóos and Mercurio cases, added to the Gürtel case, Millet, Champion, Pretoria and many others, show that those who have been giving us lessons of austerity have been benefitting: not only the bankers and businessmen but also, when the cameras have not focussed on them, the politicians, who have filled their pockets in order to live in opulence and extravagance.

Counselors are More Important for School Safety than Police Officers To improve school safety, Californians overwhelmingly believe that having guidance counselors in every school would be more effective than deploying armed police officers.

The Clocks at Grand Central Station Are Permanently Wrong … And they’re that way on purpose.

Should What Happens at Applebee’s Stay at Applebee’s? A stiffed server, an uploaded receipt, a digital backlash — it’s all a case study in how the Web changes the power dynamic between servers and customers.

Making Web Sites Completely Addictive Looking for a real estate agent who loves dogs? You’ll find 314 results for “dog lover” on Corcoran’s redesigned Web site.

The Origins of ‘Big Data’ : An Etymological Detective Story Words and phrases are fundamental building blocks of language and culture, much as genes and cells are to the biology of life.

Noble and Ignoble Ai Weiwei: Wonderful Dissident, Terrible Artist What if Ai Weiwei, the much admired Chinese dissident artist, were a character in a novel?

United States of Widespread and Concentrated Poverty Poverty has become widespread across the United States in recent years. As it turns out, the concentration of poverty has also been increasing.

The Fall of Journalism Why are newspapers published? To make money for the publisher, of course.