White House Endorses 'Attack Syria' Column

NBC’s Tim Russert grilled White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten on Sunday about an Oval Office press release that praised an L.A. Times Op-Ed calling for Israel to attack Syria. Watch as Bolten tries to prevaricate his way out of it. (h/t: Alternet, Think Progress)

Think Progress:

On Friday, the White House released a document entitled ?Setting the Record Straight: President Bush?s Foreign Policy is Succeeding.? One section, headlined ?Conservatives Stand Behind The President?s Policies,? contains just one example:

On Wednesday, Max Boot Wrote: ?Our Best Response Is Exactly What Bush Has Done So Far ? Reject Premature Calls For A Cease-Fire And Let Israel Finish The Job.? (Max Boot, ?It?s Time To Let The Israelis Take Off The Gloves,? Los Angeles Times, 7/19/06)

… Tim Russert confronted White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten about the release on Meet the Press yesterday. Bolten claimed the Boot column ?was sent around as a reflection of some of the conservative columnists? support for Israel.? In fact, it was sent around explicitly as reflecting support for administration policy.

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