This week’s selection of Truthdig-flavored videos includes Jon Stewart probing Washington Post reporter Rajiv Chandrasekaran about Bush administration follies; Sen. Jon Edwards teeing off his presidential run; and an impassioned Keith Olbermann decimating the case for a “surge” of troops in Iraq.

No. 1: CNN’s Cafferty Deflates Bush Rhetoric

Transcripts never do justice to Jack Cafferty’s sardonic, punchy oratory, as is the case with this assault on Bush’s latest propaganda campaign: “Is 3,006 deaths not enough? How many do you suppose it’ll take before President Bush’s conscience begins to bother him — 5,000, 10,000, more? How many? Meanwhile, the White House continues to try to get you to think that this is something it’s not. The word ‘surge’ is being used to camouflage the administration plans to escalate the war in Iraq.”

Jack Cafferty

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  • No. 2: Untold Scandals of the Green Zone

    The Washington Post’s Rajiv Chandrasekaran tells Jon Stewart that while many of Bush’s Iraq blunders have been pored over extensively, the story of American corruption and incompetence in the Green Zone has been largely ignored — from the 21-year-old former ice cream vendor who was sent to reform the Interior Ministry to the questioning of aspiring imperialists about whether they had voted for Bush.

    Jon Sewart

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  • No. 3: Olbermann to Bush: “You Do Not Own This Country”

    During another of his notable special comments, Keith Olbermann took Bush to the woodshed over reports that the president plans to sell a troop escalation in Iraq as a “sacrifice.”

    Keith Olbermann

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  • No. 4: Edwards on the Issues

    Democrat John Edwards came out swinging on Friday’s “Hardball,” taking a stab at the president, the war, the economy and even civic pride. But how will John Kerry’s former running mate fare against principled Dennis Kucinich or the Clinbama juggernaut that’s been gobbling up all the fundraisers and media coverage it can find?

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