Twitter Reacts to the Sarah Palin Channel

“Are you tired of the media filters?” asks former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who certainly is and has stepped up to the plate to “do something about it.” Palin has taken it upon herself to create the online Sarah Palin Channel, which went public Sunday. For a $9.95 monthly fee or a $99.95 yearly fee, members of the channel have access to nonstop Palin commentary regarding issues “the mainstream media won’t talk about.” Such issues include “Obama’s Addiction to OPM (Other Peoples Money),” “Back Stage with the Duck Dynasty Crew!” and “The Case for Obama’s Impeachment.” The site also features a cheery “Our National Debt” counter, as well as a subtle “Days left in Obama’s Administration” countdown.

Palin hopes to use the Sarah Palin Channel as a medium to reach out to her public while remaining a Fox News contributor and host to “Amazing America,” an outdoors TV show.

Though many remain skeptical about the channel, the Twittersphere has had a field day with the news. The trending hashtag #PalinTVShows has been a hit with many witty names for pilots Palin might want to try. Hits like “I Love Lucy but Deport Ricky,” “Two and a Half Brain Cells” and “My So-Called Political Career” can all be found in response to the recent launching of the site.

In Palin’s promotional video, the governor promises to “Go beyond the sound bytes and cut through the media’s politically correct filter” to what one can only assume is a politically incorrect one. After all, while Palin raves about the “inspiring people from across the nation,” a photo of Palin with a cast member of “Duck Dynasty” flashes across the screen. At any rate, it may be wise to live up to the channel’s mantra to “live life Vibrantly, Purposefully and Boldly” and not tune in to the Sarah Palin Channel.

— Posted by Clara Romeo

Clara Romeo
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Originally from California, Clara Romeo graduated with honors from Howard University in Washington, D.C. Her main interest is journalism and she was the editor of Sterling Notes, a literary publication of the…
Clara Romeo

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