Facebook’s manipulation of users is only half the story; two men in Georgia have already proven why the “Guns Everywhere Law” is idiotic; meanwhile, the fact that the majority of the current Supreme Court justices are Catholic has a bearing on the tribunal’s decisions. These discoveries and more below.

Jerusalem ‘Lynch Mobs’ Attack Palestinians After Israeli Teens’ Funerals Ynet reported that “Police forces managed to rescue eight Arabs from the mob and arrested 47 on charges of public disorder, attempted assault of Arab minors, assaulting police officers, and property damage.”

Pentagon Preparing for Mass Civil Breakdown Social science is being militarised to develop ‘operational tools’ to target peaceful activists and protest movements

The Real Reason You Should Be Worried About That Facebook Experiment The private sector and tech companies are increasingly funding what was once independent social science research.

Two Guys With Guns Have Showdown On First Day Of Georgia’s New ‘Guns Everywhere’ Law A “misunderstanding” between two armed men in a Georgia convenience store led to an arrest on the very day that the state’s new expansive gun rights law went into effect, according to The Valdosta Daily Times.

The Uncomfortable Question: Should We Have Six Catholic Justices on the Supreme Court? In its decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., the Supreme Court has decided that the religious beliefs of employers, including closely held corporations, take precedence over the rights of employees to necessary medical care.

‘We Never Meant to Upset You,’ Facebook Says of Study That Was Meant to Upset You Facebook is sorry, a company executive said Wednesday.

What’s the Matter With Russia? On the way back from a recent visit to Ukraine, I found myself flying Aeroflot, Russia’s national airline.

British Regulator Investigates Controversial Facebook Study A government regulator in Britain will investigate whether Facebook violated data-protection laws by conducting a study that manipulated the emotions of unknowing users, the Financial Times reports.

Concerns Rise About Cheating by Chinese Applicants to U.S. Colleges The application essay from a student in China sounded much like thousands of others sent each year to the University of Washington at Seattle.

11 Major Obstacles to Equality That LGBT Americans Still Face in 2014 The parades are over and the confetti has been swept up after another major month of LGBT Pride celebrations.

Megyn Kelly’s awkward Bill Ayers interview: It turns out there are people to Obama’s left! The Fox News host tries to link Obama to the Weather Underground co-founder. Sadly, they don’t have much in common

The Political Problem Behind Our Crumbling Highways While you were getting ready for the heartbreaking World Cup match Monday, President Obama was needling Republicans over the dwindling Highway Trust Fund.

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