Several progressive bloggers have set up an online clearinghouse dedicated to exposing the fabrications in ABC/Disney?s upcoming miniseries “The Path to 9/11.” It urges ABC/Disney to scrub the film of outright falsehoods, or else shelve the film completely.


  • ABC makes some minor changes to the film.
  • Watch security author James Bamford tell MSNBC that an FBI officer consulting on the film quit half way through because the filmmakers were making things up.
  • Author Glenn Greenwald reminds us that Bill O?Reilly and his ilk got CBS to cancel “The Reagans” because it contained fictionalized history ?- but conservatives seem to be OK with the fictionalized history in this movie.
  • Bill Clinton, through his lawyer, blasts the film’s implication that Clinton was too busy with the Lewinsky scandal to concentrate on the pursuit of Bin Laden (click here for the full text of the letter). (Unlike Bush, who was so disturbed by the immediate news of the 9/11 attacks that he spent seven minutes reading “My Pet Goat” to a room full of schoolchildren.)
  • Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger warn ABC brass that the film grossly misrepresents their actions in the hunt for Bin Laden.
  • John at AMERICAblog (who has been doing a bang-up job chronicling this growing media scandal) sees in the above article an admission by ABC that it simply made up (ad-libbed) a scene depicting Sandy Berger as the man who effectively stopped the CIA from taking out Bin Laden.

    John: “YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT SEPTEMBER 11, YOU FREAKS. You people sent this movie to 100,000 school teachers around the country and told them to show it to their kids. And now you’re admitting you just made stuff up, and that’s somehow okay?”

  • Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz pens a front-page column that finds more factual errors in the film.
  • John at AMERICAblog (again) uses the above article to declare that the “tide has turned” and that “this is now a full-fledged public relations disaster for Disney.”
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