The Oscars Uncovered

Vidal on Film

By Sheerly Avni | Gore Vidal on ‘Capote,’ ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and Why ‘Match Point’ Is the Best Picture of 2005″ (part I of II)
This Place is Broken Vidal on America (part II of II)
By Sheerly Avni |Gore Vidal speaks about fascism, terrorism, and wartime propaganda.
Oscars Post-Mortem
By Sheerly Avni | And the award for ‘Best Proof That Hollywood is Out of Touch’: No one made a single reference to the troops fighting and dying in Iraq.
At the Oscars, Wear no Evil
By Claire Joseph | In 1986, Teri Garr wore a dress made of “mood-ring” material; most of the gown displayed blues and purples, but Garr’s crotch, armpits and other warm bits turned orange.
David Thomson on the Oscar Best-Film Candidates: Worthy, but Not Great
By Sheerly Avni | The renowned film critic talks about this year’s crop of small, issue-driven movies, and why “the liberal faction in Hollywood are much better at going to parties and raising money than actually making challenging films.”
Pity the Fool
By Sheerly Avni | Paul Provenza, director of the gleefully obscene “The Aristocrats,” explains why Hollywood doesn’t get the joke.
Year of the Queer: Hollywood and Homosexuality
Truthdig’s Larry Gross, a pioneer in the field of gay studies, argues that for all the hoopla surrounding “Brokeback Mountain” and this year’s spate of gay-themed films, there is little about them that upends Hollywood conventions or challenges popular ideas about homosexuality. “Hollywood and much of the media may be awash in liberal self-congratulation,” Gross writes, “but they–and we–are also soaking in the familiar hypocrisy of homophobia.”
Year of the Queer Update: Down to the Wire


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