On Wednesday, comedy tag team Key and Peele entered the fifth season of their eponymous Comedy Central show with a bang.

Known for their whip-smart and sidesplitting commentary on social issues and politics, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele offered a fresh take on some big and timely topics in the first episode of “Key & Peele.” In one standout sketch, Key poses at a trigger-happy cop, mistaking common civilian items for deadly weapons while in the hands of African-American males. The sketch offers a hilarious take on a sobering reality, giving viewers a moment to laugh while reflecting on America’s tenacious racial tensions. (Of course, we can’t be too hard on the unsuspecting policeman in Key’s spoof; after all, as he puts it, “the last seven came out of nowhere.”)

The duo also wisely continued their series of skits about Luther, President Barack Obama’s anger translator, this time introducing the president and Luther to Savannah, anger translator to the apparently rage-filled presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Holding a grudge that stretches at least as far back as 1992, Clinton states, “Well, you know how it is to campaign for president” — which in anger translation becomes, “You do whatever you got to do to get … elected, and right now, you are the dead skunk I have to step over.”

Check out the “Pre-Game Pump-up” clip from “Key & Peele” below. “Failure … is not … an option!” (via Comedy Central):

–Posted by Clara Romeo


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