Assange didn’t have to told no truths to expose those lies

He jus had access to enough facts
to be considered a spy

We tried to play it safe, and go straight
Because death was on the right wing…

We tried, our best, but only could guess
Gat going, left’s the right thing…

When going Left could be right?
If ya’ll was good then why hide?
& if you really stood for truth & justice
then why commit war crimes?

Our grassroots are past due
Got us thinking that cash rules
Want us happy buying lies, then,
threaten our lives when we tell the truth.

When we believe that speech is free
we think out loud and they can see
the way we think. And if you think that being white can save ya skin,
I beg of you to think again

Just look at Julian.
They’re really tryin to do him in
Conspiring to do him in.
They hired men to do him in
Like they’re scared he gon do it again

Is it preventative…or punishment?
& why are they witch hunting him?
Even now,
after he
has already
done the thing

The governments are hypocrites.
The citizens are misrepresented.
When the poor children learn of this
You shadow banning the journalists.
Then threaten all of the truth seekers
& murder most of the truth speakers

And that’s why in my community
We commit buffoonery
Cheap jewelry
Expensive clothes
and hi end sneakers

But the type of ppl we’ve become
are getting tired of playing dumb.
Though we ain’t rushing into war,
we stay prepared, in case it comes

And if Lindsey Graham could give a damn
& the Freedom Bill protects the press,
In retrospect, be retroactive.
Or else it’s just an empty gesture.

Just a waste
of tax I pay,
which practically helps no one.
If you you really to make a statement

Free Julian Assange

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