There’s a scientific reason you should ignore what your mom taught you and leave your bed unmade every day; a writer ponders whether newly minted Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn can undo what Tony Blair did to the party; meanwhile, a black woman says she was detained in a mental hospital for over a week because cops didn’t believe her BMW car belonged to her. These discoveries and more below.

Why You Should Never Make Your Bed Yes, you read that right. Just get up and go.

Bernie Sanders’ Peak Progressive Dreamboat Moment Came At Liberty University The independent Vermont senator told 12,000 evangelicals what morality is.

Why Conference Book Exhibits Persist In an online marketplace, don’t overlook the retro approach.

The Strange Case of Sarah Palin’s Russian… and a Shocking Twist! People have been sending me video of Sarah Palin’s recent Iran rally, which is somehow even more bizarre and incoherent than her usual speechmaking, because of a particularly weird moment where she drops some Russian on the crowd.

Criticizing Caitlyn Jenner Isn’t ‘Harsh.’ It’s Necessary. Last week, I wrote about a string of comments from Caitlyn Jenner that showed her personal politics—on issues ranging from same-sex marriage to transphobic Halloween costumes—to be notably adrift from the LGBTQ mainstream.

Can Jeremy Corbyn Free Labour From the Dead Hand of Tony Blair? Once considered a fringe candidate, Corbyn won a huge mandate. But can he consolidate the party and keep new voters energized?

Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program Is a Brilliant Strategy to Turn Carriers Into ‘Dumb Pipes’ In the eight years since the first iPhone launched, no company has done more than Apple to change the dynamic and balance of power in the mobile industry.

Embrace of Deception in Experiments Puts Social Scientists in an Ethical Bind Judges were sent letters asking them to recuse themselves from cases. Voters received fliers just before an election that broadcast candidates’ party affiliations. Drivers were told to break traffic laws.

Who Invented Your Phone? Was it a giant corporation? A nerdy guy in a shed? A gifted entrepreneur?

Woman Says She Endured 8 Days In Psych Ward Because Cops Didn’t Believe BMW Was Hers Kamilah Brock says the New York City police sent her to a mental hospital for a hellish eight days, where she was forcefully injected with powerful drugs, essentially because they couldn’t believe a black woman owned a BMW.

The Crumbling Ancient Texts That May Hold Life-Saving Cures Seven hundred years ago, Timbuktu was a dream destination for scholars, traders, and religious men.

The Propaganda War: The Terrorists’ Vicious Message Is Surprisingly Hard to Rebut A masked man stands behind a kneeling victim preparing to slit his throat, put a bullet in his head, or slice it off with a sword. Islamic State (IS) did not invent this gory bit of stagecraft, but it has now, in effect, taken ownership of it.

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