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It should come as no surprise that Democrats would rip Mitt Romney over the secret video footage in which the Republican presidential nominee writes off nearly half of all American voters. But conservatives? Well, they’re not exactly hopping on to Romney’s sinking ship. Republicans such as Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown and Nevada Sen. Dean Heller (both up for re-election) and Connecticut Senate nominee Linda McMahon are distancing themselves from their party’s White House candidate for his off-the-cuff comments at a fundraiser in May. (Read more)

Conservative Media Tries to Distract: There are still those sympathetic to Romney and his plight against the 47 percent of the voters who are “deadbeats” in this country. The conservative media outlets Fox News and the Drudge Report are trying to change the subject by pushing a 14-year-old video of President Obama saying he believes in redistribution. The Fox News Channel, which scored an interview with the GOP presidential nominee after the controversy, has been promoting the Obama video on its various programs. Fox especially didn’t seem to have a problem with Romney’s “47 percent” remark. The Wednesday edition of “Fox & Friends,” for example, played both videos with chyrons stamped across the screen saying, “Food Stamp Nation” and “A Nation of Takers: Are Entitlements Destroying America?” just to hammer home the point. (Read more)

Obama the Redistributer? The problem with media organizations such as Fox News and the Drudge Report trying to shift the national conversation to a video of the president saying in 1998 that he believes in redistribution of wealth is that in actuality, the comment doesn’t match Obama’s White House record. In fact, last week the Census Bureau reported that income inequality in this country increased last year. The top 20 percent of households made 51.1 percent of all the income in 2011, up more than a percentage point since 2008. (Read more )

Reid Attacks Romney … Again: In the wake of the uncovering of Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comment, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continued his assault against the GOP presidential candidate’s refusal to release more of his tax returns. During a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday, Reid noted that for all we know, “Mitt Romney could be one of those who paid no federal income tax.” Reid has previously questioned whether Romney has paid income tax in the past decade, something of course that would be revealed only if the former Massachusetts governor released more of his tax returns. (Read more )

In Other Romney Gaffes: Are you curious as to why we don’t hear more from Mitt Romney’s wife Ann? Well wonder no more. Here’s Romney’s explanation: “We use Ann sparingly right now, so that people don’t get tired of her.” As Jezebel pointed out, it sounds as if Mittens is worried his wife will eventually annoy voters. He really does have such a way with words, doesn’t he? (Read more )

Video of the Day: As “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart tells it, based on Mitt’s logic, George Romney wouldn’t vote for his own son. Why? Because George’s family was on public aid when he was a child. And you know how Mitt views people who accept help from the government.

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