This episode explores author and journalist Naomi Klein’s take on doppelgangers. They’re used to sow anxiety, promote narcissism, and then sold back to ourselves at our own expense as identity and conspiracy. You are a digital mine site.

DIG•SCAPE is an audio alternative-phenomenological-impressionistic, multicultural soundscape mashup of loud issues, intuition+research and multisampled insights investigating our current wackadoodle malaise from an askew, engaged and anomalous vantage point.


The Wakening Beast • Aphrodite’s Child
Lil Lefty • Mac Rell
Ghost Wax • Lena & The Floating Roots Orchestra
El Virus la Desespearación • Criptofonia
Complicity [Lyrical Mix] • Arto Lindsay
Software Error • Some More Crime
Doppelgänger • Sophie May
Insane • Katie Lee
Ten Ton Dub • Woob
Fear of a Blind Planet • Wax Tailor
La Mort • Martial Solal
Psycho theme • Bernard Herrmann
Execution • Andy Stott
Airria hanging garden • Steve Roden
Que Sera • Wax Tailor
Perfect Pulse 2kilos &More (featuring Black Sifichi)
Switch • Amon Tobin
Jahmarama • The Knights of the Occasional Table
They Became One • Dubblestandart
You Never Know Who Your Friend Are • Al Kooper
Paranoimia • The Art of Noise with Max Headroom
The Atheist’s Name • Arklight
Twisted Nerve • Bernard Herrmann

Aphrodites ChildLena & The Floating Roots Orchestra Criptofonia Arto Lindsay  • Some More Crime  • Sophie May  • Woob  • Martial Solal  • Andy Stott  • Steve RodenKatie Lee Wax Tailor 2kilos &More + Black Sifichi Amon TobinThe Knights of the Occasional Table Dubbelstandart Al Kooper The Art of Noise + Max Headroom Arklight  • Bernard Herrmann

Doppelganger by Naomi Klein / The origin of countless conspiracy theories / Why we are all attracted to conspiracy theories / Alice Sweet Alice 1976 Main Theme / Intense Background Suspense Music Scarey Action Horror  / Ominous Suspense Music Silent Shadows  / Epic Suspense Sound Effects All Sounds / Lil Lefty  Mac Rell / Naomi Klein: Tackling the “Doppelganger” / Why Conspiracy Theorists are Taking Over the World / TakeCareofYourDigitalSelf / Annabelle Soundtrack 01, Cornel West

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