Bristol Palin Loses a Dance Competition

Forgive us this unabashed descent into mass culture, but our long national nightmare is over. Bristol Palin, despite some critics’ allegations of tea party favoritism, did not win on “Dancing With the Stars.” That honor (if it is one) goes to “Dirty Dancing” star Jennifer Grey, because nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Los Angeles Times:

As anticipated when her name was first announced as a contestant, Palin not only drove up ratings for the already unbelievably popular show, she also brought a whole new level of scrutiny and Internet-driven weirdness to this season’s proceedings. When the clearly accomplished and high-scoring Brandy got the boot last week instead of the slower-footed and less-polished Palin, many viewers and, more important, bloggers, lifted their heads from their tweets and texts to howl in fury. One man shot his TV set and more than a few others called for, if not a Supreme Court-settled, chad-challenging recount, then an overhaul of the system that seemed to give the supporters of Palin mere the power to control the fate of Palin fille.

Whether or not fans of the former vice-presidential candidate saw “Dancing With the Stars” as a straw poll, we’ll never know, though in other Palin-related reality TV news, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” saw a 40% viewership drop for its second episode. Make of this what you will.

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