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Bluefin Tuna: From Cat Food to Delicacy

The endangered fish is now worth millions; Obamacare may very well pave the way to single payer; meanwhile, is Israel being “singled out”? These discoveries and more below.

On a regular basis, Truthdig brings you the news items and odds and ends that have found their way to Larry Gross, director of the USC Annenberg School for Communication. A specialist in media and culture, art and communication, visual communication and media portrayals of minorities, Gross helped found the field of gay and lesbian studies.

Sushinomics: How Bluefin Tuna Became a Million-Dollar Fish
Once used for cat food, the endangered fish is now one of the most prized delicacies in the world.

The NSA Is Probably Spying on Congress
Is the National Security Agency (NSA) collecting data on Congress? Probably.

Palestinian Blood is Cheap
There’s a lot of secrecy surrounding the negotiations, and we hear the United States secretary of state’s optimism, the analyses of the diplomatic reporters, and a great many lordly declarations from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Housing Minister Uri Ariel, Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinmetz and their ilk.

How Obamacare Actually Paves the Way Toward Single Payer
Last week the liberal documentary-maker Michael Moore prompted indigestion across the progressive wonk community by pronouncing Obamacare “awful.”

Gay Vice Principal Mark Zmuda Said He Was Fired, Offered Option of Divorce
The vice principal of Eastside Catholic school, who was fired last month after school officials learned he had married his male partner, said in a newly released video that he was told he could keep his job if he got a divorce.

How the Humanities Compute in the Classroom
Iman Salehian talks like a techie. Ask about her studies at the University of California at Los Angeles, and she mentions many tools that make the web tick: metadata schemas and content-management systems, CSS coding and GIS mapping.

‘If Not Now, When?’ On BDS and ‘Singling Out’ Israel
The “singling out” objection seems quite perverse. It’s not possible to campaign against any injustice anywhere without “singling it out”.

Arguments Over Open Access
If the open access movement can’t replace the traditional publishing model of scholarly journals, what problem is the effort trying to solve?


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