Oliver Stone on Putin’s dealing with Europe and the possibility of nuclear conflict

Editor’s note: The following video is a clip from a 19-part series filmed at a Truthdig and KPFK co-sponsored event in Los Angeles recently. The discussion features Oliver Stone, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter and director, and Robert Scheer, Truthdig’s editor in chief. The two talk about “The Putin Interviews,” a new Showtime series by Stone, as well as the published transcript, for which Scheer wrote the foreword. We are publishing one video per day. This is the 12th installment.

In the clip above, award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone answers an audience member question about Vladimir Putin's foreign policy relationship with Europe, and delves into the possibility of U.S. military action against Russia.

"If the neocons are thinking this -- which I believe they are -- I do believe they think they can take out the Russian ICBMs with a strike," Stone muses. "A first strike, without risking retaliation."

"If that happens--" Stone pauses, then warns: "Be careful."

On Sunday, watch the next clip in the series, in which Stone and Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer discuss the impact of Citizens United and corporate influence in American politics.

--Posted by Emma Niles.

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