John Oliver Has Another Brilliant Plan to Save Net Neutrality From ‘Cable Company F***ery’ (Video)

Watching the latest episode of "Last Week Tonight" may feel like déjà vu. That's because we've been down this road with host John Oliver and the FCC before, not too long ago. Three years ago, Oliver did a segment on net neutrality in which he encouraged viewers to leave comments on the FCC's website to save the open internet. If you don't remember, you can watch it in our post titled, "John Oliver: ‘Protecting Net Neutrality’ Should Be Called ‘Preventing Cable Company Fuckery’ " by clicking here.

And because it seems that for Donald Trump every day is "Opposite of Obama Day," net neutrality is under attack once more as the Trump administration reviews the FCC classification of internet service providers. But just as Oliver encouraged internet trolls (and the rest of us) to flood the FCC with comments last time, he's done it again. While the FCC tried to complicate the process, as you'll see in the segment below, "Last Week Tonight" has created an easier way to complain about net neutrality to the agency. If you're interested, visit and knock yourself out.

— Posted by Natasha Hakimi Zapata

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