The Painful Price of Numbness

Jul 13, 2012
Drugs are all anesthesia from pain. The ruthless Mexican cartels crave money, which they make from the Yankee craving for numbness. They sell unfeeling, and we buy it, at tens of billions of dollars and thousands of Mexican lives per year.
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Drug War Hobbles Mexican Economy

Jun 23, 2012
In addition to having produced 60,000 dead, 20,000 disappeared, hundreds of thousands displaced, wounded or on the run, and tens of thousands widowed or orphaned, Mexico’s drug war -- which seems to be off the radars of that country’s presidential candidates -- is a chain wrapped around the nation's considerable industrial potential.

Cartel Wars

May 17, 2011
In the annals of a conflict that has killed more than 34,600 since Mexican President Felipe Calderon militarized his country’s battle against drug traffickers in December 2006, the conflict in Tamaulipas is writing a new and bloody chapter. Like Jesús Malverde, Santa Muerte has become an object of veneration among Mexico’s criminals.