Firestorm Over Attack on Yale Singers

Jan 14, 2007
Nearly two weeks after a group of San Francisco high school students assaulted the members of a Yale all-male a capella singing group -- leaving two hospitalized -- charges of homophobia, a police cover-up and local political indifference are making headway in the national news media Comprehensive coverage Cops finish questioning singers (two weeks late) <!--Check out a recent (non-attack) video of the Yale singing group, The Baker's Dozen-->.
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Burning Cole

Jun 21, 2006
Politics trumped academic integrity, says Nation writer Philip Weiss, when a neocon network torpedoed the appointment of Mideast scholar and blogger Juan Cole to a faculty position at Yale.

Right-Wing Ivy Leaguers Try to Derail Juan Cole Appointment

Apr 20, 2006
The liberal U. of Michigan historian and outspoken Bush administration critic is reportedly close to receiving a tenured teaching position at Yale University. But a group of conservatives, led by a Yale and a Harvard student, are trying to queer the deal by painting Cole as anti-Semitic. Glenn Greenwald has the goods; Jane Hamsher has more.

Sex Week at Yale Draws Controversy, Porn Stars

Feb 18, 2006
A prudish Harvard student, writing in a conservative campus newspaper, says the following of Yale's annual ode to sex: "I don't see how bringing a Playboy stripper to campus is helping anything." No surprise there. The Yale contingent at Truthdig knows from experience that Cantabs are sooooo uptight.