world food program

Howard Buffett’s Hope for Africa’s Future

Aug 17, 2011
Earlier this month, Howard Buffett -- the philanthropist son of the "Sage of Omaha" -- penned a Huffington Post article defending a project within the U.N.’s World Food Program called "Purchase for Progress" and offered his vision of an ideal future for farmers in the global south. (more)
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Food Crisis Grows in Haiti

Jan 26, 2010
It's been nearly two weeks since the cataclysmic earthquake in Haiti, and the life-or-death issue of food distribution looms larger than ever, despite the concerted efforts of various aid organizations -- and the efforts of Haitians themselves -- to combat starvation.

Food, Not Bombs

Jun 30, 2008
Remember when North Korea loomed menacingly as the next big nuclear threat on the world stage, with cognac-swilling Communist Kim Jong Il starring as the latest dictator du jour? What a difference a few years can make: The North Korean government has now demonstrated its willingness to halt the country's nuclear weapons program and has begun accepting food shipments from the U.S. and increased aid from the World Food Program.