Rising Vineyard Heat Hits Grape Pickers

Jul 24, 2017
As the heat rises, output flags European scientists have measured every second of a working day as vineyard temperatures affect grape pickers As the heat rises, output flags.
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Drink Up, Ladies

Aug 19, 2010
There are three kinds of studies we hear about. (1) Something incredibly obvious turns out to be true. (2) Something you like is good for you. (3) Something you like is bad for you. Obviously we prefer No. 2s, like this study out of Norway that says drinking wine -- especially if you're a woman -- might make you smarter.

‘To Health’?

Jun 26, 2009
A study published in The Lancet medical journal concludes that the effects of alcohol should be viewed in the same light as the effects of smoking. Alcohol consumption is linked to one in every 25 deaths worldwide, the study said.

A Long but Drunken Life

Nov 2, 2006
A new study found that obese mice given massive doses of a substance found in red wine enjoyed improved health and increased longevity. Although the results are promising, a human would have to drink between 750 and 1,500 bottles of wine a day to achieve the dose of resveratrol given to the rodents.