Palin Will Step Down as Alaska’s Governor

Jul 4, 2009
At the end of this month, Sarah Palin will no longer be Alaska's governor. The Thrilla from Wasilla made her announcement on Friday, sparking speculation that she may be preparing to run for president in 2012 -- or that she was compelled to resign for less opportune reasons. Updated
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Palin Takes Aim at New Negative Reports

Nov 7, 2008
Having returned home to Alaska, Gov Sarah Palin said she wasn't going to comment on the negative reports that emerged about her on Wednesday from within the McCain campaign, but she opined that whoever made those claims was likely a "small evidently bitter type of person ".

Palin Fears for (Her) Free Speech

Oct 31, 2008
Someone better give Sarah Palin a copy of the U.S. Constitution -- or better yet, read it to her slowly. The up-and-coming legal scholar/vice presidential candidate is scared for her own First Amendment rights because of "attacks" from reporters who claim she is engaging in negative campaign tactics.

Homeland Security Pays Dividends for Alaska

Oct 31, 2008
When Sarah Palin brags about the self-reliance of her state, she doesn't mention the mobile command communications vehicle, bought with federal dollars to help keep her home town of 7,028 safe from terrorism. Thanks in part to an anti-terrorism bonanza, Alaska is one of the greatest per-capita beneficiaries of federal funding among the 50 states.

Tales From the Palin

Oct 23, 2008
The ghoulish comic "Tales From the Crypt" is taking a spooky look at the possibility of a Sarah Palin presidency. An editorial by Gathy Gaines Mifsud, daughter of publisher William Gaines -- a target of a ghastly 1950s Senate investigation on censorship -- rails against Palin and her reported McCarthy-esque book-banning stunts while mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.