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Nigel Warburton on Why Video Games Are Good

Aug 14, 2010
In Tom Chatfield’s “Fun Inc.,” the case is made that far from corrupting popular culture and turning its addicted users into “blinking lizards,” video games can help us be happier and live better.Tom Chatfield’s “Fun Inc.” makes the case that far from corrupting popular culture, video games can help us be happier and live better.
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Google and Adderall to the Rescue?

Jul 22, 2009
It's not news that the planet is in trouble, that global food and energy supplies won't last long at the current rate of consumption, and that we've basically got a big mess on our hands as the species most responsible for all of the above and more. What's the human race to do? Why, the answer may lie in intelligence augmentation, according to The Atlantic's Jamais Cascio.

Obama ’09, Available on Xbox

Oct 15, 2008
If it seems that you can't escape Barack Obama's ubiquitous smiling mug no matter where you go, be careful to not turn on your Xbox. Obama has become the first presidential candidate to buy ad space inside a video game. Among the games are the popular "Madden '09" football and "Burnout: Paradise" racing.

Microsoft’s Global Warming Game Contest

Jun 12, 2007
College-age video game enthusiasts can now claim their gaming habits may help save the world. Microsoft is launching a contest this summer, the Xbox 360 Games for Change Challenge, offering cash and other prizes to whiz kids who dedicate their game design skills to the cause of global warming

Sony vs. the Church of England

Jun 11, 2007
Sony Computer Entertainment is in hot water with the Church of England because of a popular video game that simulates a shootout in the Manchester Cathedral. Among other concerns, the church is appalled that Sony would "encourage people to have gun battles" in a city known for gun crime.

Dying to Play the Wii

Jan 16, 2007
A mother of three in California has died of water intoxication after participating in a local radio station contest. Participants competed by drinking large quantities of water without urinating in an effort to win a Nintendo Wii video game system. If ever there was confirmation that America's consumerism is out of control, this is it.