university of california
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‘PBS NewsHour’: ‘Money on the Mind’

Dec 24, 2013
A UC Berkeley study published earlier in 2013 showed links between wealth and selfish, anti-social behavior. The damning results are worth repeating. Compared with their poorer counterparts, wealthier participants consistently took more candy from children, cheated at games for petty cash prizes, lied during negotiations, stole at work and endorsed unethical behavior.

Oh, the Cruelty of the Rich

Apr 11, 2012
Research confirms what the poor have always known about their relationship with the wealthy: They're more likely to get a scavenged sandwich from a tramp than a nickel from a man in pinstripes. Wealth, at least in America today, reduces compassion and fosters selfishness, studies show.Wealth, at least in America today, reduces compassion and fosters selfishness, studies have found.

A Poet’s-Eye View of Occupy Berkeley

Nov 21, 2011
When he caught wind of conflict between students and police on campus, former poet laureate and UC Berkeley professor Robert Hass rushed to the scene on Nov. 9, only to witness local riot police beating students -- and eventually his wife and him, too -- with billy clubs. (more)

A Night of Hope in Berkeley

Nov 16, 2011
It wasn’t quite Berkeley in 1964, but it wanted to be, and that might be the ultimate significance of the thousands-strong gathering Tuesday night in Sproul Plaza on the Cal campus.The Occupy movement, which has kept apart from other social movements, reached back and grabbed onto the past.