Where on Earth Will the Waste Go?

Nov 3, 2013
The swelling tide of rubbish flowing from the world's cities shows no sign of abating -- and at least one disposal method means more greenhouse gas emissions.
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Enough With the Trash Already

Nov 28, 2010
Italy is facing fines from the EU for failing to take out the trash. No, we’re not talking about Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. We're talking about the tons of garbage that have choked the streets of Naples for years.

Turning Trash Into Electricity

Nov 13, 2008
Here's a solution to the energy crisis Americans are sure to love: A company called Geoplasma is building a plant in Florida that will vaporize garbage with a plasma torch, turning 1,500 tons of waste into 60 megawatts of the good stuff. It may not be as clean as solar, but hey, America is the Saudi Arabia of trash.