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U.K. Cheers On Arab Spring While Training Its Opponents

May 29, 2011
Just days after the British government pledged $181 million in grants and loans to foster economically viable democratic transitions in Egypt and Tunisia, a Freedom of Information Act report confirmed that British military personnel are training the same Saudi security forces that were used to crush recent popular uprisings in Bahrain (more) .

U.S. Would Resume Iraq Combat Role if Necessary

Aug 22, 2010
The US military is moving to trim its troop count in Iraq to 50,000 by Sept 1, at which point the remaining personnel will assume an “advise-train-assist” role But the American commander there says that if Iraqi security forces fall down on the job, U troops could be thrust back into a combat role .

Moscow Subway Explosions Kill 38 (Update 2)

Mar 29, 2010
Two separate explosions in the Moscow subways killed at least 38 people, according to Russian officials One of the blasts occurred at a station beneath the headquarters of the Russian security service Officials said two women suicide bombers carried out the attacks, though no group has yet claimed responsibilitystm" title="explosions">explosions in the Moscow subways killed at least 38 people, according to early reports from Russian media.

A Long Train Ride

Jan 21, 2009
Barack Obama rode to Washington, D.C., for his presidential inauguration on a whistle-stop tour, which was compared to the train ride taken by Abraham Lincoln in 1861. The train holds a deeper symbolism, though, that undergirds Obama's historic ascension to the White House.

This Common-Sense Solution Brought to You by the 19th Century

Jan 13, 2009
Barack Obama wants to spend as much as a trillion dollars on the nation's infrastructure, from roads to bridges. A video on his transition Web site even touts the economic advantages of fixing potholes. Why so car-centric? A new article in the Washington Monthly claims that spending some of that money on rail lines instead of roads could pay dividends.

Last Call for Tube Tippling

May 7, 2008
In the first policy announcement of his mayoral term, London's newly elected Boris Johnson has banned the consumption of alcohol on all public transport -- including buses and trains -- in the capital city beginning June 1. The ordinance is criticized by many transport unions, which foresee serious problems in its enforcement.

Families Demand Compensation for WWII Deportations

Aug 29, 2006
More than 200 families have threatened the French state railway with legal action if it refuses to compensate them for its role in transporting relatives to death camps during WWII. The railway companies argue they were forced to carry out the deportations, though a court in June sided with victims' families.