Russian Authorities Aren’t Toying Around

Feb 16, 2012
After a protest against the Russian government composed entirely of plush toys and figurines captured the attention of the press and local authorities in Barnaul, Russia, last month, government officials have gone so far as to specify that inanimate playthings can't assemble for public political gatherings.
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Little Miss Wonderbra

Apr 14, 2010
European retailer Primark has gotten itself into some hot water. The clothing chain halted the sale of padded bikini tops for girls as young as 7 years old after advocacy groups and politicians criticized the store for "premature sexualization and unprincipled advertising."

Bill Maher on Bargain Karma

Aug 27, 2007
The "Real Time" host takes on Mother Teresa's doubts, Obama's "blackness" and the high cost of low morals in our bargain-crazed culture: "Let's have a war and cut taxes, what could go wrong? Let's give mortgages to the homeless. Sounds like a plan! Let's buy toys from a communist police state, you just know they'll put in a little extra love."

South Carolina Bill Would Outlaw Sex Toys

Apr 25, 2006
The S bill doesn't look likely to pass, but the scary thing is that such products are already illegal in several Southern states Apparently in Texas, if you market a toy as a novelty, it's legal But if you demonstrate its use in sexual activity--it's illegal Put that in your Constitution and smoke it .