We Screwed Up: A Letter of Apology to My Granddaughter

Mar 28, 2012
There were plenty of signs we took a wrong turn but we kept on going. Dumb, stubborn, blind: Who knows why we couldn’t stop? Greed maybe -- powerful corporations we couldn’t overcome. It won’t matter much to you who is to blame. You’ll be too busy coping in the diminished world we bequeath you.
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War Is Toxic

Jan 1, 2011
A new study has concluded that a rise in genetic damage in children born in Fallujah, Iraq, could have been caused by the weaponry used in the U.S. assault on the city six years ago.

Israel’s Chemical Warfare?

Jan 16, 2009
Following previous accusations by aid agencies, a video has surfaced amid Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip that shows images "consistent with the use of white phosphorus shells" -- i chemical weaponry The Israeli military has denied use of the chemical agent, which can burn skin to the bone.