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R.I.P. Gulf Oil Well

Sep 19, 2010
It looks like the ruptured oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is officially dead. The procedure to seal the well -- or in oil industry terms, to "kill" it -- has been pronounced a success, providing an unceremonious end to the spilling of millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf.

BP Readies the Final ‘Kill’

Aug 6, 2010
Someone should tell BP that the whole kill-speak approach does not bode well when you're actually killing wildlife and industry in the Gulf. But nonetheless, BP says the mud and cement pumped into the blown-out oil well, termed a “static kill,” are holding and that it is preparing to seal the deal with a “bottom kill” later this month.
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Best Chance to Stop Gulf Spill Is Months Away

Jun 1, 2010
It's already the worst ecological disaster in U.S. history, and the oil spill continues to dump somewhere between 504,000 and 4.2 million gallons of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico. BP will continue to try to plug that hole, but its best chance to succeed is the drilling of relief wells, a process that won't be finished until at least August.

BP Goes In for the Top Kill

May 27, 2010
The news that British Petroleum began its latest attempt to contain the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill Wednesday afternoon with the "top kill" stopgap strategy would be more heartening if it didn't come so late in the game -- and if there was more of a guarantee that it would do the job.