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Haggis’ Big Disconnect From Scientology

Feb 8, 2011
Screenwriter and director Paul Haggis' public exit from the Church of Scientology continues with a long exposé in this month's issue of The New Yorker, in which Haggis describes his troubled early years, his initial embrace of L Ron Hubbard's religion and the fallout .

China’s Top Gun

Jan 30, 2011
The Chinese air force is drawing snickers after part of a video of military maneuvers broadcast on Chinese state television turned out to be not images of the country’s new stealth fighter but scenes from the American movie "Top Gun."

Filmmaker to Spill Scientology Story

Jan 6, 2011
His defection from the Church of Scientology's celebrity coterie was big news in 2009, and now writer and director Paul Haggis is following up with a detailed exploration of his former organization, in the form of a book collaboration with journalist Lawrence Wright.

Top Writer-Director Breaks With Scientology Over Proposition 8

Oct 26, 2009
The Church of Scientology counts several high-profile figures from the world of entertainment among its members -- Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley, to name a few -- and they sometimes act as public advocates for their religion. However, one of their own, screenwriter and director Paul Haggis, has very publicly left the fold after taking issue with the church's stance on Proposition 8.

Oliver Stone: The Director’s Cut

Mar 10, 2009
The renowned filmmaker visited USC's Annenberg School for Communication on March 3 to talk with Truthdig editors Robert Scheer and Kasia Anderson and their students about "Wall Street," his 1987 classic -- suddenly all too relevant again -- and to give a panoramic take on his body of work and what the future holds for the movie industry.