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Invisible Children Linked to Anti-Gay Groups

Mar 14, 2012
Invisible Children has received donations from known anti-gay groups for its Kony 2012 campaign; a US soldier went on a killing spree in Afghanistan; meanwhile, our tax dollars are being used to transmit Rush Limbaugh's show to U troops abroad These discoveries and more after the jump.

Fey: No ‘Rock’ Boost From Playing Palin

Apr 6, 2011
She may have nailed her impersonation of Alaska's foremost she-grizzly, Sarah Palin, and big snaps to her hairdresser while we're at it, but Tina Fey says in her new ingeniously titled memoir, "Bossypants," that playing Palin didn't amount to big ratings for her main act, "30 Rock."
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Palin ‘Going Rogue’

Oct 26, 2008
Is Sarah Palin's recent drop in popularity due to the laws of political gravity, or are McCain-Palin campaign advisers to blame? Whatever the reason, Palin is said to be growing frustrated with certain aides and taking her own direction in her latest speeches, with her eye on the White House in 2012 .

Tina Fey on Playing Sarah Palin

Oct 18, 2008
This campaign season has been a boon to "Saturday Night Live," and to returning alumna Tina Fey in particular, who was doing quite well flying solo before the Sarah Palin phenomenon brought her back to her former comedic stomping ground. Here, she talks about adopting Palin's accent -- or "Alaskan windsong," as she affectionately puts it -- with David Letterman.

Palin to Exact Comic Revenge on ‘SNL’?

Oct 7, 2008
The McCain-Palin campaign team might soon borrow a page from the celebrity crisis management handbook (see Chap. 11: Poke Fun at Yourself on a Late-Night Comedy Show), if the rumor that Sarah Palin is considering an appearance alongside her "Saturday Night Live" doppelgänger Tina Fey comes true before the Nov. 4 election.

Fey Takes On Palin, Take Two

Sep 28, 2008
"Saturday Night Live" alumna Tina Fey returned once again to fulfill her comedic duty on the Sept. 27 episode of NBC's comedy show, spoofing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's one-on-one interview with CBS anchor Katie Couric earlier in the week. Fey's fellow "SNL" comedian Amy Poehler dropped her Hillary Clinton act to play Couric in this clip.