Love Is a Battlefield

Dec 10, 2008
The British Defense Ministry has leaked news that it will begin a phased troop withdrawal from Iraq. The drawdown will bring to an end a torrid, near-six-year love affair with the U.S. that began with coordinated intelligence failures and eventually led to jointly invading a sovereign country under cover of a "war on terror."
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Immunity Issue Snags U.S.-Iraq Agreement

Sep 19, 2008
We tearfully regret to inform you that an agreement that would legally extend the US imperial occupation of Iraq is at risk of falling apart, as Iraqi officials continue to make the audacious demand that U soldiers and mercenaries be subject to Iraqi law for crimes committed outside the scope of military operations.

Bush’s Semantic Withdrawal

Jul 22, 2008
It's not a "timetable" for extricating U.S troops from Iraq that George W. Bush is suddenly talking about, and heaven help anyone who accuses him of proposing a "timeline." No, the Decider says he is now amenable to a "time horizon," which apparently is a whole different kind of time thing.

Occupation Negotiations Hit Snags

Jul 14, 2008
President Bush had hoped to shape America's military presence in Iraq for years after his departure from the White House by negotiating a long-term status-of-forces agreement, but a number of sticking points indicate there will be a much shorter time frame. U.S. negotiators have agreed to a kind of timetable for withdrawal, as demanded by the Iraqis, but are holding out over legal immunity for American forces.

Bush Backs Petraeus’ Pause Plan

Apr 11, 2008
Despite some congressional resistance, it seems Gen. David Petraeus' recommended "pause" in U.S. troop withdrawals from Iraq will take effect after July. On Thursday, President Bush (whose approval ratings have plummeted to a new low) essentially deferred the withdrawal issue to his successor.

Republicans Spar Over the War

Jan 31, 2008
There were some heated exchanges in Wednesday's debate between the Republican candidates. John McCain and Mitt Romney argued about who wanted to stay in Iraq longer and Ron Paul won a round of applause when he said the front-runners were bickering over "technicalities" while their war bankrupts the country.

Bush Pulls Back on Criticism of Iraqi PM

Aug 22, 2007
President Bush attempted to exercise spin control to smooth over his relationship with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Wednesday, emphasizing the Iraqi people's claim on their own government after his comments a day before seemed to signal his displeasure with Maliki's leadership.