thom hartmann
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‘It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way’

Jan 12, 2013
“How do you expect this to play out over the next few years?” host Thom Hartmann asked economist Michael Hudson on "The Big Picture" this week “That’s what everybody’s wondering,” Hudson replied “The economy is going to shrink and shrink and shrink, and the question is whether people are going to go out in the streets or whether there’s going to be an actual response saying it doesn’t have to be this way".

Thom Hartmann on ‘Threshold’

Jul 31, 2009
The Truthdig panel talks to radio host and author Thom Hartmann about his new book, "Threshold," the need for serious financial regulation and his trip to Darfur.Thom Hartmann on his new book and the need for serious financial regulation.