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Official Murdoch Denouncement Makes Waves on American Shores

May 3, 2012
The declaration by British MPs on Tuesday that Rupert Murdoch exercised "willfull blindness" about phone hacking at The News of the World and is "not a fit person" to run a major international company has prompted the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington to ask the FCC to revoke the 27 Fox broadcast licenses that News Corp. holds in the U.S.

Beware the Closed Internet, Google Founder Says

Apr 16, 2012
In launching a seven-day special investigation into the battle among states, corporations and public advocates for control over the Internet, The Guardian interviewed Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who warned of the isolating effect of online "walled gardens" put up by companies such as Facebook and Apple.

For OWS, a Confrontation Within the Confrontation

Feb 4, 2012
An Occupy Wall Street protester’s attack on an activist and journalist who filmed fellow activists letting air out of the tires of police cars has highlighted a division within the movement between those who want to protect protesters engaged in illegal acts and others who want to report the straight truth.
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Durban Climate Talks in Tatters

Dec 11, 2011
John Vidal and Fiona Harvey with The Guardian describe the latest collection of blowups at the U.N. climate talks in Durban, South Africa, where negotiators from 194 countries, in their third consecutive round of all-night talks, seem powerless to come to any sort of agreement.

British Journalist Squares Off Against Former Goldman Partner

Nov 24, 2011
A rich banker who appears to have learned none of the lessons of 20th-century economic history A newscaster who snickers at an impassioned argument And a reporter dismissed as a young girl who will one day learn better This exchange between a former Goldman Sachs executive, a BBC correspondent and British journalist Laurie Penny (more)This exchange has the makings of an iconic moment for a generation struggling against a class that simply won’t listen.

The Data Behind the Occupy Movement

Nov 17, 2011
Do the Occupiers know what they’re talking about when they chant, “We are the 99 percent!”? With a quick animation, The Guardian breaks down the key economic data representing the conditions that have brought thousands of the disempowered and discontented into the streets all across the country.

WikiLeaks Waits for the Grey Ladies

Jan 13, 2011
Last week, the Guardian essentially condemned itself for publishing WikiLeaks material. The incident prompted a closer examination of how WikiLeaks decides what to publish, and it turns out the organization is taking its cues from the five establishment news publications it has partnered with.