terry mcauliffe

T-Mac Is All Pumped Up!

Jun 5, 2008
Some consider Hillary Clinton's campaign chair the best head of the DNC ever. Judging by this and numerous media appearances, he's certainly the most animated (including Howard Dean and his infamous scream). Clinton may have lost the nomination, but that isn't going to get Terry McAuliffe down.

Clinton Chair Blames Obama Camp for RFK Flap

May 26, 2008
Clinton campaign chair Terry MacAuliffe told "Fox News Sunday" that the Obama campaign was responsible for stirring controversy over Hillary Clinton's assassination remark. MacAuliffe also challenged the basis for uproar: "If Robert F. Kennedy Jr. doesn't find offense to it, why is it that everybody else should?"
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Bill Maher vs. Terry McAuliffe

Mar 10, 2008
Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe joined Bill Maher on Friday for what turned into a surprisingly tough satellite interview, which ended prematurely due to technical difficulties -- and perhaps because of a crack about Bill Clinton and Puerto Rico.

Angling for Edwards’ Loyal Lawyers

Jan 28, 2008
Politics mixed with martinis and swizzle sticks as campaign aides from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's camps infiltrated a Puerto Rican resort in an effort to woo John Edwards' colleagues and supporters at an annual gathering of top American trial lawyers. Above, one of the weekend's political players, Clinton lieutenant Terry McAuliffe.