Putting the Police Under Surveillance

Aug 21, 2014
In some places in America, a black man holding a toy gun or a banana is more likely to be shot by the police than a white man with an actual gun. We live in a country of lethal fruit.

Don’t Tase Me, Bro

Jul 28, 2009
Many a protester -- and the occasional speeding grannie -- has faced off against Taser-wielding law enforcement officers The Man now has a new rapid-fire stun gun that multiplies all of the ethical problems of gaining "voluntary compliance" After the jump, a video of Taser employees zapping each other.
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Pastor Says Border Patrol Worked Him Over

Apr 17, 2009
Pastor Steven Anderson of Tempe, Ariz., says he was Tasered, assaulted and denied medical treatment after he refused to submit to a search by Border Patrol officers at an immigration checkpoint east of San Diego. The ACLU has called the area a "Constitution-free zone" where such abuse has become commonplace.

Student Tasered at Kerry Event

Sep 18, 2007
Guess he wasn't in the "free speech zone": University of Florida student Andrew Meyer apparently went on too long while asking Sen. John Kerry about his 2004 presidential run (among other questions) and was Tasered and arrested on Monday. Did the police overreact? That's where Internet video comes in handy.

Weekly Video Roundup

Nov 18, 2006
This week, our favorite assemblage of videos includes: HBO's revelatory documentary "Hacking Democracy"; a shocking video of a UCLA student being repeatedly Tasered by campus police; and Truthdig Editor Robert Scheer sounding off on Joe Lieberman, Bernie Sanders and O.J. Simpson.

Tasered UCLA Student Plans Lawsuit

Nov 18, 2006
The UCLA senior hired a high-profile civil rights lawyer who is accusing campus police of "brutal excessive force," as well as false arrest. Mostafa Tabatabainejad, 23, is of Iranian descent but U.S.-born, and had refused the officers' request to see his campus ID because he thought they were racially profiling him. Good for him. UCLA's reputation for a decade hangs in the balance of how it responds to this case.