Biden Says Banks May Get More, More, More

Jan 26, 2009
The vice president let it slip Sunday that the $700 billion TARP bailout bill could have a sequel Also, Nancy Pelosi indicated that Congress might dole out more funds to financial institutions Let's see, that's $700 billion on TARP, $850 billion for the still-pending stimulus package, plus the mysterious billions they're tossing around at the Federal Reserve Here's hoping China doesn't cut up our national credit card.

Post-Bailout, Lobbying Continues

Jan 23, 2009
Without skipping a beat, once-troubled financial entities are continuing to spend big to lobby Congress as they pocket billions in TARP bailout money. The lobbying is defended by the bail-outted firms as a "transparent and effective way" to be heard on policy issues.
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Congress Sings the Bailout Blues

Jan 19, 2009
Want to know where the $350 billion banking bailout went and why it hasn't done a bit of good? Read, and weep over, this little-noticed report from the congressional panel set up to monitor the Treasury Department's distribution of our taxpayer funds.

Bailout a Boon for Bankers

Jan 18, 2009
So, the government forks over a ton of money to flailing banks and, naturally, their customers (i.e., taxpayers) might expect to gain something from this helpful transaction as well, right? Guess again, customers.

A ‘TARP’ to Cover Detroit

Dec 13, 2008
The White House has shifted from its original position to state that it now is willing to consider using bailout funds from the $700-billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, to keep the country's top three automakers afloat. The announcement comes after negotiations in Congress to provide a $14-billion bailout to Detroit broke down.