Barbarian Days

Jul 24, 2015
William Finnegan's memoir about surfing has more depth than many about other addictions. Nothing, not even his cliched dream of chasing waves, is as uncomplicated as it appears.

Privacy Intrusion With a Twist

Mar 11, 2009
Google on Wednesday officially announced its entry into the fray of contextualized advertising -- serving up advertisements in accordance with a user's prior Web-surfing habits. The move, which has raised alarm in the privacy community, carries an unprecedented privacy twist: Google users will now be able to see and edit the information the company collects about them.
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Mystical States Explained, via Surfing

Jun 14, 2006
Want to know why near-death experiences frequently feature tunnels of white, euphoric light? The L Times Book Review recommends picking up a copy of Truthdig contributor Steven Kotler's new book "West of Jesus: Surfing, Science, and the Origins of Belief" to find out Also: the Village Voice gives "West of Jesus" a rave.

Wave Rider

Jun 6, 2006
Truthdig contributor Steven Kotler describes in The New York Times Magazine how the mere act of going surfing pulled him out of a near-suicidal battle with Lyme disease and kick-started a quest to explore the nexus of surf, science and spirituality.